Food Freedom

Support Group

Don't walk this journey alone.

We've all been there. We joined the latest diet fad of the month. Downloaded all the things. Recipes, food menu, diet schedules. Then something happens and we fall off the wagon. We feel alone.  

Join our Weight Loss Accountability Support Group

It's time to break the cycle.

We believe that every decision you make either enhances or impairs your health. Including what weight loss program you choose. We have walked where you are and we couldn't have done it alone. Accountability with a coach is amazing! Accountability with your peers is even a step above! This is why we created Weight Warriors Group support. You are no longer alone!

“ Accountability is the glue that ties the commitment to the results ” 


  • Weekly Meetings
  • Group Check-ins
  • Accountability partners
  • Weekly Plan of Action
  • New strategies
  • Gain insight on your journey
  • Food Plan ideas
  • Workout ideas
  • Habit forming strategies
  • Solid Support System
  • Mentors and Coaches
  • Less than a cup of coffee a day

Can you tell me more?

Do I need to be living Keto?

Nope! We will meet you where you are! Some will be Keto experts, and some will be brand new. Ketogenic Living is not mandatory but very helpful. Helpful additions would be: Keto Bible, personal macro package, and Ketogenic Living 101. (each sold separately)

How do I attend my sessions?

When you enroll in Weight Warriors, you will be automatically added to all sessions. You will receive an email before each session. We will have two Monday noon sessions and two Monday Evening sessions. Come to some or all meetings!

Do I have to sign an annual contract? 

Nope! You can join month-to-month. When you sign up for the group program, you will be billed on a monthly basis. If you ever want to cancel, you just let us know before the billing date.

Can my family join me?

You are welcome to have your spouse or significant other sit in the meetings with you on the same camera.