So, you want to change some lives?

You've been thinking about becoming a coach, but you don't know where to start! You  are ready to take the next step.  Below is the "get to know you" application of interest.  Once this is filled out, and you are accepted, you will then be directed to the next step with a link to enroll in certification.  KM health coaching has worked in a partnership with Ketogenic Living's Kate Jaramillo at keeping the cost down for this process. 

1. Ketogenic Living 101: $999.00

2. KM Method Certification: $1000.00


We are so excited you are ready to spread hope and healing to so many who are in desperate need! This is your starting point!

The first certification you will need is your Keto Living 101. This is the "science" part. This is where you will be trained on macros, the science behind keto and all the health benefits of the Ketogenic living!  

The second certification you will need is the Ketomom Method Certification.  This is where the rubber meets the road  on "how" to coach.  This is where the "How do you deal with real clients comes in!  I know this is an investment for you!  I know you are ready to jump in with both feet, but I want you to know...  I don't take adding team members lightly!  Ketomom Coaching (aka KM Health Coaching) is a thriving coaching practice that has a results oriented mission.  We believe in changing lives and we believe in our coaching!   

Health Coaches Q&A

What is required for me to become a coach? You must have participated in a minimum of an 8 week coaching package with Coach Monica, and  have gone through an initial coaching interview.Ketogenic Living 101 Certification.Ketomom Method Certification.Coaching Contract and agreement.Coaching Mentoring program.\

Do you require me to live the program? Yes!  I require my coaches to live the healthy lifestyle and preferably live the Ketogenic Lifestyle. This enables my coaches to be the best they can be and empathize with each of their clients. 

How do you pay your coaches? I pay coaches a set-fixed price per coaching package or session.  

When do you pay your coaches? Payment is made bi-monthly on the 15th and 31st of each month via 1099

Am I an employee or contractor? Each coach that coaches for Ketomom Coaching is considered a contractor and can coach at the schedule agreeable to clients.

Do I need any software?Nope to at all!  KM Healthcoaching has our own software and tools!  No software is needed or accepted. 

How do I market to obtain clientele? Ketomom Coaching provides all coaches with a marketing package as well as Canva. We run marketing promotions and when schedules are full, are able to assign clients when necessary. 

Are you only Keto based? Our strategy and method is based on whole food only. No compromise.  We specialize in the Ketogenic Lifestyle but have numerous tools under our belt to use! 

How many clients can I take? You can take as many as your schedule can comfortably handle. This can be full time or part time. 

Do you coach men?Yes!  Our program for men is a thriving program. 

Do you coach clients with Type I diabetes?No, this is specialized care and we refer these clients to a coach that is certified in this area. 

Can I coach for other companies?No, my coaching contract allows for coaches to coach for Ketomom Coaching only. 

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This beautifully designed, guided monthly journal is rooted in positive psychology with habit and mood trackers, journaling prompts, and other exercises to help you achieve mind and body wellness.

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“The honor of getting a front row seat to watch the lives of others transform is beyond anything, or any plans I had for my life. The work is hard, the cost is great, the rewards surpass it all "