Schedule Coach Monica for your next event!

Coach Monica is ecstatic  to speak at your next event! 

As a public speaker and influencer with over a decade of experience,  She  LOVES speaking to audiences all over the country with one mission in mind....  to bring HOPE! 

As a Keto Health coach with over 300 clients, who have lost over 5.000 lbs since January, she brings experience. 

As a mom and wife who has lost over 100 lbs, and lived with chronic depression and pain for over 20 years, it's  become a driving passion of hers to bring her message of deliverance and healing. 

Monica loves the challenge and art of adapting a message for EACH audience. she doesn't  give  a "same o'l--same o'l" canned message to her audiences.  It's personal.  It's raw.  It's new every single time! 

Before she speaks, she asks  three questions: 

  • Who is in the audience?
  • Why are they in the audience?
  • How can I best serve them?

Speaking Topics

Do you have an event coming up that you would like to bring encouragement, education and hope?  Coach Monica has several sessions that she teaches on the Ketogenic Lifestyle and Wellness.  

  • My story of healing.  "How I started Living again."
  • How to break Emotional Eating Addictions. 
  • Zero to Keto in just Seven weeks.
  • Mindfulness eating. 
  • 10 steps to living in FREEDOM
  • Customized talk of your choice. 
  • Workshops or Keynote.
  • Conferences. Churches, Corporate Environments. 

She started living again!

Coach Monica is a person of faith, and believes the body, mind and spirit are connected and if one of those areas  is sick... they ALL are sick.  Although she is able to speak in any event or environment, she gets her foundation from that view. 

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Speaking Fees

Workshops .....$250

--Plus Travel and Expenses

Choose one of my individual courses that I teach or custom make your own course.  From Keto 101 to Emotional Eating.  This typically is a two hour session. 

Corporate Training Classes.....$500

--Plus Travel and Expenses

I will provide training for your employees on the basics of the Ketogenic Lifestyle.  This  course will include my Keto Bible and a discount for my personalized macro session and personal coaching session for employees who take this class. 

Weekend Conference ....$2000

--Plus Travel and Expenses

Conferences are an amazing way to get away for a weekend and learn. I will speak multiples sessions, or provide the keynote on any of my topics, or a custom topic agreed upon.