Where do I start?

We know everyone is starting this health journey from different places. We all need different accountability, different budgets. We are bio individual! Whether you’re a newbie or "professional dieter" plan for you at KM Health Coaching!

Each plan is outfitted with coaches who have years of experience in the weight loss and health world. Different coaches have different programs, so you will want to check out their individual page, but this page will help you begin your journey.


Coach Monica

Individual Coaching Packages

These packages are where you want to begin. This is the foundation of KM Health Coaching. Individual, one-on-one coaching for a minimum of eight weeks. All KM Health Coaches have these packages available.


If you are new to the health journey, this is a great package to start with. We will bring you from zero to Keto in just 8 weeks. With this package you will have four personal check in calls to use at your discretion. You will also be able to renew this package at a discounted price. .

  • Ketogenic Living 101
  • Daily Food Tracking by your coach.
  • Weekly check-in phone call with Coach
  • Wellness Tool Kit
  • Metabolic Build and Reverse diet w Maintenance

Three Month

The three month plan is our most successful plan we offer because we are able to meet with you on a weekly basis and get you through those tough times of wanting to quit. If you choose this package, you are also able to upgrade and renew at a discounted price

  • Ketogenic Living 101
  • Daily Food Tracking by your coach.
  • Weekly check-in phone call with Coach
  • Wellness Tool Kit
  • Metabolic Build and Reverse diet w Maintenance

Weight loss for WOMEN only*

Ageless Keto is our unprecedented package that is changing the lives of women all over the nation. Here's the real deal.... Women lose weight differently than men. It's a fact. Women have a symphony of hormones dancing throughout their body. Because of this, the music needs to change. Women need more carbs during different times of their cycle. Women should ABSOLUTELY NOT fast during different times of the month. We have captured this cycle and created a program just for women. Join us for 12 weeks as we teach you HOW to eat based on your cycle. This program is for any women with a cycle, and yep, those without a cycle... Perimenopause and Menopause.

  • Ageless Keto curriculum (3 month)
  • Daily Food Tracking by your coach.
  • Weekly check-in phone call with Coach
  • Fasting based on your cycle.
  • 28 day cycle reset
  • Hormone Feeding Days

Twelve Month

This package is for those people who want to take their journey to the end. This is for those who need financial accountabilityas well as learn how to maintain their weight loss. We will take you through several rounds of the metabolic build and finish you up with a reverse diet to make sure you never diet again!

  • 12 Months of direct access to Coach!
  • Forty-eight 1 hour accountability coaching sessions
  • Weekly Group Coaching and support
  • Atomic Habits Course
  • 21 day Intermittent fasting course
  • Four monitored planned maintenance breaks
  • Four Metabolic Builds
  • Maintenance and Reverse Diet Exit
  • Keto for Kids

Monthly Membership Packages

After you have completed your first round of individual coaching, you are eligible to continue your support with our monthly group membership packages.


After you have completed one of the above packages, you are eligible to subscribe to our basic monthly coaching service which includes macro tracking as well as one coaching call per month.



After you have completed one of the above packages, you are eligible to subscribe to our gold monthly coaching service which includes macro tracking as well weekly calls with your coach.



In our years of practice, we have found that working with groups has been a game changer. We meet each Monday, together as a group to work on areas that we feel are a struggle.



Individual Weight Loss Coaching: Your Path to Personalized Success

Achieving your dream weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can seem like climbing a mountain. But what if you had a guide, a mentor who walked every step with you? That's where KM Health Coaching steps in, offering a personal touch to your weight loss journey with our individual weight loss coaching. Our experienced professionals understand that every journey is unique, and we're here to provide the personalized support and guidance you need to succeed.

How Does Personal Weight Loss Coaching Transform Lives?

Losing weight is a journey that demands a personalized approach; what works for one may not suit
another. That's why our personal weight loss coaching is designed to meet you where you are. Whether
you're just starting out or have been trying to lose weight for years, our coaches work closely to create a
plan that fits your lifestyle, preferences, and goals

Customized Plan - Your coach crafts a plan based on your body type, preferences, and goals.
Ongoing Support - Face challenges head-on with your coach's continuous guidance and encouragement.
Accountability - Regular check-ins keep you on track, making adjustments as needed to ensure progress.

Our coaching packages offer a variety of options to cater to everyone's needs, from beginners to those
seeking a long-term commitment to their health.

What Makes Our Health Coaching Packages Unique?

Jumpstart Package - Kickstart your journey with our 8-week program designed for those new to the health journey. With personal coaching calls and daily food tracking, you'll quickly adapt to a Keto lifestyle, setting the foundation for lasting change.

Three Month Transformation - Dive deeper with three months of comprehensive support, including weekly check-ins and daily food tracking, ensuring you have the guidance needed during challenging times.

Weight Loss for WOMEN Only (Ageless Keto) - Tailored specifically for women, this 12-week program understands the nuanced connection between hormones and weight management, offering strategies aligned with your body's needs.

Twelve Month Mastery - For those ready to commit to a year of transformation, this package offers unparalleled support, including direct access to your coach, group coaching, and courses designed to foster healthy habits.

Monthly Membership Packages

After completing any of our foundational packages, your journey towards a healthier self doesn't have to end. Our Monthly Membership Packages are designed to provide continued support, guidance, and community as you maintain and build upon your achievements.

Basic Monthly Plan - Ideal for those who've laid their groundwork and are looking for a touchpoint to
stay on course, this plan offers macro tracking and a monthly coaching call to keep your progress in check at $75.

Gold Monthly Plan - For individuals seeking more intensive support, the Gold Plan delivers macro tracking along with weekly coaching calls. Priced at $175, it gives you the guidance and motivation to push through plateaus and continue evolving.

Group Coaching - Priced at just $59 per month, this option taps into the collective energy and accountability of group dynamics. With weekly sessions, you'll face common challenges together, share successes, and draw inspiration from a community of peers all striving towards their health and wellness goals.

Why Choose KM Health Coaching?

Choosing KM Health Coaching means partnering with a team of experienced coaches who genuinely care about your success. Our packages are not just about diet and exercise but about understanding the psychological and emotional aspects of weight loss. We believe in a holistic approach, ensuring that you not only lose weight but also gain confidence, knowledge, and a new perspective on health. Whether you're just starting or looking to overcome a plateau, our health coaching packages are designed to meet you where you are. Let us be a part of your journey to a more vibrant you. Start with our individual, one-on-one coaching today!